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Beware the “bipartisan” trap: Democrats should resist pointless “compromise”

With Democrats about to imagine management of the Home of Representatives, we’re being handled to a different spherical of wide-ranging requires...

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Playing nice is not an option, Democrats: It never works. It’s time to stand up for something

Within the wake of the midterm elections, there’s large strain from all instructions for Democrats to play nice with Donald Trump and the Republicans...

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Progressives, moderates and (most of all) pundits: Get over yourselves, already?

What if we had an election and no one gained? Or relatively, what if no one might agree about who gained? We entered a brand new part of the post-truth cycle...

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Suppose Democrats win on “Medicare for All”: What happens then, and will it work?

Medicare for All has develop into a core marketing campaign challenge for Democratic candidates this yr. They only may win with it. The idea polls properly. In...