Here are Money-Saving Tips for your Grand Canyon Tour


Taking a trip to the Grand Canyon is expensive. In order to keep the cost of your trip reasonable, you need to do your homework. It really pays to prepare beforehand, as such an activity will reduce your overall expenses whilst ensuring you have a blast during your Grand Canyon vacation (include Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour on your list). Here are some tips that will make your trip affordable and fun.

  • Don’t bring a car

Public transportation is ideal when you take a trip to the Grand Canyon. If you live out of state, you need to book a flight a few months before your desired date of departure to take advantage of the lowest rates. In addition, the road to the Grand Canyon can be tiresome too. During peak season, parking can be tricky. Save yourself from aggravation and book for slots for shuttle buses instead.

  • Don’t forget to bring food and extra clothes

If you are going on a multi-day trip to the Grand Canyon, it is best that you bring your own food supplies, water filtration system, and clothing too. Instead of buying jackets and sleeping bags on site, you need to bring your own to keep the cost down.

  • Arrive during off peak season

If you already have a solid itinerary and have picked attractions located in the South Rim, might as well schedule your trip during off peak season. It’s easier to find good deals on accommodations during the off peak season that runs from November to February.

  • Try camping

Hotel rooms can be very expensive, especially if you wish to reserve rooms at hotels within the national park. On the other hand, if you opt to sleep outdoors, you pay cheap for the slots, whilst enjoying the full experience of camping in one of the world’s natural wonders. Havasupai Indian Reservation offers campground spaces for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Havasu Falls and sleeping under the star-filled sky for only $17 per person.